This is the timeline as the PCs are aware of things; it is not necessarily the actual version of events.

circa 10,000 AO:  The Worldsmith forges the world of Amaranthia and watches as the intelligent races emerge one at a time.

c.5000 AO: The mortals that populate the world speak to he Worldsmith, demanding they be given a say in the shaping of their own world. For years He ponders this, and at last agrees; He would imbue mundane items with the power to ascend mortals to godhood, and hide them in the secret places of His world. But such power would not be easily attainable – only those who prove their worthiness would ever attain the right to sit alongside the Worldsmith.

4400-3100 AO: The first items are discovered. As two new gods emerge, rumors of the items become widespread, though it is not known what they look like. The relics are dubbed “Yu’a” – literally translated as “God Fragments” – and more and more mortals of influence set out in search of them.

3100-400 AO: The Yu’a have all now been found, and the world flourishes under the balance of the five Gods – the Worldsmith and the four mortals who had ascended to join Him. The gods, vying for power, take to petty squabbling at the cost of mortal lives. The Worldsmith grows weary of their endless bickering and takes mortal form himself, wishing only to rest.

400-11 AO: A mortal wizard, a seeker of secrets, discovered the methods to create a Yu’a for himself. His dark work took millennia, and his frail body died and turned to dust while the sorceror’s mind lived one in an undead shell. At last he unlocked the secrets to godhood, but the other paragons rejected his foul presence. In anger, defiant, the Chained King waged war upon the world. Demons, giants, Vampires, and other foul monsters flock to him in the thousands. He begins plans for the conquest of Amaranthia.

11-0 AO: The false god sets upon the land with millions of warriors, sweeping one city after another. One by one the other four Gods join the fray, some angered by this mortal’s insolence, others desperate to return peace. At the apex of the war the false god was slain, betrayed by his own most-trusted lieutenant. But it was too late for peace, for the four true paragons lay dead with him.
Only the Worldsmith had survived the gamble of mortal existence. And so, each Yu’a returned to Amaranthia, as forgotten as the destroyed remains of this world’s history.

0 AO: So it is said by them, the Worldsmith came to the Dwarven people and spoke to their greatest crafters. “With mortal hands build mortal tombs, and seal away that which must be sealed,” he had announced. “In exchange for this, I will grant you long lives and great wisdom, so that you may watch over the graves of the gods for as many years as there are stars in the sky.” And indeed, it was the dwarves who constructed the four tombs wherein the four fallen paragons rest.

0-524: As Amaranthia pulls itself together, the few remaining inhabitants find it to be a place of hardship. So much of the world’s natural resources were trampled to the ground in the war, and the entire southern continent is a place of desolate dirt and sand.

525-581 (Present):  The Eladrin city-state of Zaun is said to be flourishing, and events are to be set in motion that will see the emergence of new gods. The world at large continues to struggle with the day-to-day

582 (Present): New Creation declares war on Zaun, and the Eladrin armies march across the desert to meet them in response. A small village to the east known as Fallcrest is utterly destroyed, ravaged by an angered demonic force.


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