Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light

Languages: Common, choice of one other
Skill bonuses: +2 acrobatics, +2 Stealth
Shadow origin: Your ancestors were native to the Shadowfell, so you are considered a shadow creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin.
Winterkin: You gain a +1 racial bonus to your Fortitude defense. You also gain a +2 racial bonus to death saving throws and saving throws against the unconscious condition.
Shadow Jaunt: You can use shadow jaunt as an encounter power.

Play a shadar-kai if you want….
✦ to be more resistant to death than other races, and teleport around the battlefield.
✦ to be part of a culture that values great deeds and great power over ethics.
✦ to be a member of a race that favors the avenger, bard, fighter, invoker, ranger, rogue, sorcerer, warlord, and wizard classes.

Shadar-kai are humanlike, but the weight of existence in the Shadowfell has shaped them to be slightly shorter and much thinner than their human counterparts. A shadar-kai has a colorless complexion that varies from alabaster to dark gray. Shadar-kai hair is similarly drab or raven black. Pale hair might have a hint of color within the range of human norms. The eyes are lustrous and black, lacking any white or clear pupil. Shadows near a shadar-kai sometimes seem to reach out or deepen, especially when the shadar-kai is angry.
Although drab in natural appearance, shadar-kai are quite elaborate and idiosyncratic in personal adornment. They like dark and exotic clothing, jewelry, and weapons, often decorated with swatches of bright color. Hair is similarly ornate and often dyed. All shadar-kai embellish their skin with tattoos, scars, and piercings.
A shadar-kai could live longer than any eladrin. Few do, however; the consequences of extreme living keep them from seeing old age.

The Shadowfell saps living creatures of creativity and the will to live. When shadar-kai moved to the Shadowfell ages ago, they were not immune to this depression. Numerous members of their early society gave in to ennui and simply slipped out of existence, driving the shadar-kai to change their lifestyle, embracing strong emotions and peak experiences. These practices, born out of necessity, became traditions over countless generations.
The current culture of the shadar-kai is a study in pushing boundaries. Shadar-kai welcome difficult tasks, as well as physical and emotional extremes, as a way of life. They accept death as the inevitable end for those who fail to attain the right amount of power or fame.
Shadar-kai embrace living with gusto. The limits of pleasure and pain distract them from the wearying melancholy of the Shadowfell. They also strive for personal greatness, so that if they fail to gain the actual ability to live forever, stories of their great deeds will grant a sort of immortality. In this search for personal glory, most shadar-kai ignore banalities such as comfort, morality, and safety.
The tattoos, scars, and piercings a shadar-kai wears have more than one purpose. They exist as a testament to the wearer’s ability to withstand pain as well as a means of personal expression and decoration. Each decoration can also be a record of a deed done, an honor gained, or a misdeed declared.
These records are important, because personal merit is all a shadar-kai really has. other signs of personal worth, such as wealth, are but manifestations of success—side effects. Money, for example, can be gained by chance. What matters is an affluent shadar-kai’s ability to protect his or her holdings and the ability to gain more.

As a rule, shadar-kai are far from humble about their abilities and accomplishments. Boasting and bravado, called “crowing” among shadar-kai, are common in athering places. Shadar-kai crow in battle, talking up their successes and speaking doom to their enemies. During birthdays and other celebrations, shadar-kai boasting is taken to the level of artistic and poetic ritual. In addition to the verbal jousting, moots often include, or degenerate into, physical competitions and duels among the participants.
Shadar-kai Characteristics:* Ambitious, bloodthirsty, detached, excessive, passionate, grim, intrepid, rash, ruthless, sinister, thrill-seeking, unconventional, violent, zealous.

Male names: Albrek, Baden, Codren, Emul, Horiam, Hutahn, Ioan, Lucyan, Mahahn, Niku, ovid, Petru, Razvahn, Serbahn, Shathys, Teodahr, Vasylay, Zahar

Female names: Afyn, Anka, Bahnka, Codruta, Doru, Dyon, Floahr, Ghita, Helayna, Ioana, Jenit, Katryn, Lucya, Markella, Nadya, Roduka, Sahyeh, Tabita, Yalda, Zyna


New Heroic Tier Feats

Blighted Birthright
Prerequisite: Shadar-kai
Benefit: You gain resist 5 necrotic or cold and a +2 feat bonus to saving throws against ongoing necrotic or cold damage. Choose one type of energy upon taking this feat.

Superior Jaunt
Prerequisites: Int 13, shadar-kai, shadow jaunt racial power
Benefit: You can add your Intelligence modifier to the distance you teleport with shadow jaunt.

Life on the Edge
Prerequisites: Shadar-kai
Benefit: Whenever you spend an action point while you are bloodied, you gain a +2 bonus to all rolls you make during the granted extra action.

All others from the Dragon magazine article – just ask if you’re playing a Shadar-Kai and I’ll print off the list.


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