House Rules

Desert Survival

The myriad perils of the wastelands await anyone who leaves the relative safety offered by civilization. For those without the proper supplies, however, Amaranthian desert journeys are desperate affairs.
Characters navigating the wilderness fall into one of two states: supplied or unsupplied. Supplied characters must consume provisions each day to avoid dehydration and starvation. Unsupplied characters must manage to do without the food and water they need. People can live without food for weeks if necessary, but as little as three days without water can kill. Most denizens of the Ocean of Gold can survive on a half-gallon of water per day — they’ve had hundreds of years to become acclimated to the conditions on their world.

To be supplied, a creature must do one of the following.
– Spend at least part of the day in a city, outpost, or oasis.
– Expend a survival day worth of supplies. Purchasing a day’s worth of supplies costs 5g per person, per day, as opposed to the standard figures in the PHB.
– Use the Nature skill to forage successfully (see Player’s Handbook, page 186).

New Gear

Desert Clothing, 10 gp: Loose clothing in light colors reflects heat and retains the body’s moisture. When wearing desert clothing, you gain a +1 item bonus to Endurance checks against environmental dangers in the desert.
Survival Day, 5 gp: A survival day is an abstract representation of the preparations a traveler must make to navigate the wastelands without risk of exposure. Each survival day includes water, food, proper apparel, and common unguents to ward off sunburn.
Dowsing Rod, 25 gp: A dowsing rod helps locate water in the desert, and provides a +2 bonus to Nature skill checks when used to Forage.

Action Points

In addition to the standard uses for action points, characters and Solo monsters can spend a point to instantly end all effects on them. This includes poison, ‘on fire,’ grapples, marked, being knocked prone, penalties to saves or bonuses to attacks made against them, the works. It’s a full ‘reset’ button.


Characters with the Ritual Casting feat can master and perform rituals regardless of their level. If you can afford the components, you can cast it. For Bards, you still only get ‘free’ rituals of your level or lower.

Identifying Magic Items

You can make an Arcana check (DC equal to 20 + 1/2 the level of the item) to reveal a magic item’s ‘Property’ during a Short Rest. One check per player per rest.

House Rules

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