The Immortal Game

The first Yu'a


Current Owner: Unknown

The Immortal Game appears to be a finely wrought chessboard, and its ‘owner’ feels compelled to compete with the black-shrouded entity on the other side.
The game is played with one exchange of moves per day. Whenever the owner wants to play, he need only set out the pieces as they were on the previous day and the chessmaster will appear. After the exchange of moves, the chessmaster disappears, and the board can be put away until the next day.

Those who try their hand at the Immortal Game quickly learn that it’s more than just a chess match. The Immortal Game is played on many levels, some of which the player is only sub- consciously aware of.

Vasher won his first match against the silent chessmaster, but quickly discovered his opponent was holding back and luring him into a second game. The rematch was a swift and brutal affair, with Vasher’s soul forfeit when he lost. Whatever awaits him in his final death will not be pleasant.

The chessmaster took the Immortal Game with him upon departure, and its whereabouts are unknown.


The Immortal Game

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