King Jarvan Lightshield Virgil the Third


“Poison. The same one they used…You listen to me, honey. Don’t you ever…don’t you ever bend or break your principles for anyone. Never give in to tyranny. I never did.”


Former King of Zaun; a steadfast, kind ruler, though he relied heavily on his advisors for guidance, as he had been known to let his warlike attitude get the better of him at times. Blessed with twin daughters, his wife the Queen was murdered by an assassin a decade prior. He had been more distant ever since, wearing his armor and shield at almost all times, and desperately hoped to see one of his daughters marry so that he may abdicate the throne.

He secretly held the halfling, Garret, in rather high regard. He also had a soft spot for Kraus’ exuberant, exaggerated tales of grandeur.

After the PCs left Zaun, he set out to New Creation with a fleet of ships and a small standing army, ready to take his daughter back. Naevarra’s mentor contacted him with a second Sending to let the king know the attack is in vain, as well as foolish, but he refused to turn back. New Creation was unable to stand against the might of the Eladrin army, and he was successful in the conquest – and, at his daughter’s urgings, went home for ‘his safety.’ The Black Queen had moved her pawns in place by this time, however, and the king was murdered by an assassin as well. With his dying breath, he requested Naevarra never give in to tyranny, never falter in a crusade for righteousness.


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