Mr. Stone

Shadar-kai Scumbag


“Don’t forget who you’re working for, you cockroachs. (A pause, then a laugh.) I’m only joking. It’s the smiles that keep us going. Don’t you think? The little giggles and bits of good cheer.”

Theme Song


A creepy Shadar-Kai carrying around entirely too much wealth, cut a deal with the recently-murdered Lady Shay to retrieve for him a God Fragment artifact. The party took off with the artifact – The Immortal Game – and Stone followed, confronting them in the throne room of Zaun and trying to manipulate Naevarra’s father. And it probably would have worked, were it not for Vasher stabbing the shit out of him.

Stone escaped in the Zaun sewers, barely alive. When he next emerged it was in New Creation, working alongside Lord Shay. It seems Styx stitched him up rather crudely with magic, but it was enough that he had time to build a trap for Vasher, which was, unfortunately, the end of the road for the avenger.

He had escaped from the Glassblower Tower before it’s destruction.


He will dance on your grave

Mr. Stone

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