Nobleman of New Creation


“Magic makes monsters out of men, Garret.”


Kassadin, in his younger years, was a notorious scoundrel who rose to fame after mapping out the many tunnels and labyrinthine passageways beneath the city. This feat was the first of many adventures that were later romanticized and published, and his exploits grew ever more daring as he struggled to continue spinning tales that would keep his many fans enthralled. Upon finally retiring from the adventuring life, he was declared a noble by the people of New Creation. Instead of settling down into the lap of luxury like the glassblowers, however, Kassadin began to organize and establish laws and set the framework for an interesting city. Under his decrees, thievery became legal within the city walls as well as an individual’s right to exact vengeance on those who have wronged them without milita interference.

He has established himself in a stunningly beautiful natural grotto set halfway into the tunnels beneath the city, turning a limestone cavern into a gambling hall complete with fighting pits and showgirls.

During the day, Kassadin is friendly and a constant presence in the city. He spends the nights behind closed doors, leading to the rumors that perhaps the now-elderly gambler contacted lycanthropy during his adventures.
He has trained a pet Lizardhawk, named Ix, to run simple errands and deliver messages when he is thusly indisposed – Ix was later killed when the Glassblower tower collapsed, and it is presumed Kassadin perished as well.


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