Lamia Flesh-Crafter, formerly known as Bianca


“You had your chance. Justice was blind…and now, so are you.”


In her human guise, Bianca wore a bright silk shirt that left her bare midriff exposed, and kept a riding crop where a sword would be sheathed on most people. The names of what you presume are horses were carved into it, and some were stained with strange blood.

It was later discovered that this was a disguise, and that she was, in fact, a Demon; ‘One of Grazz’zts dark daughters’ she admitted herself, and claimed to have done what was NEEDED to protect the village that she now called home and loved. She pleaded her only crime was to have been born a demon, but only Garret believed redemption was possible. She was put to the torch and presumably killed, but the party quickly discovered their troubles with the Lamia were only just beginning.

The militiaman in charge of her execution was found murdered in his bed with a note written on the wall in blood, implying more deaths would follow. Two more murders took place in Fallcrest only hours later in the same Inn the heroes were staying at. Vasher managed to command the demon’s many parts with a strange voice of power, and destroyed as many as he could with same.

Only time will tell if this powerful (and now, very dangerous and vengeful) flesh-crafter demoness survived yet again; and if she has, what her designs on the party will be.


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