Arioch, Royal Vizier (DECEASED)

Evil Vizier of Zaun


“Yes. Hilarious. Your majesty’s wit could dry the oceans.”


Direct advisor to the king of Zaun, and formerly sat on the Zaunian council before his death at the hansd of the PCs. He was a wizard of no small power, and attempted to perform a ritual to return Naivara’s long-deceased mother to a state of unlife, for reasons utterly unknown. Being confronted mid-ritual by the PCs, he instead was imbued by the power of the god, ‘Nerull,’ granting him the form of a twisted abomination with increased strength and speed.

That didn’t last long, and the party quickly struck him down. His body was utterly destroyed and burnt to cinders in the alchemical fire.

It was later discovered that the twisted transformation was Stone’s doing, using a ritual scroll created by the demonic flesh-crafter, Styx.

Arioch, Royal Vizier (DECEASED)

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