Oceans of Gold

Field report #176 – 21 Myrkal, 561

The tomb wasn't very fleshed-out.

Events on the pervious evening led to the presumed death of one Gerard, an incidental secondary target to my missions’ core goal. The body should be found at the bottom of the excavation on 3rd street.

Additionally, I encountered an unusual individual, a Shadar-Kai by the name of Stone. (This I suspect to be an alias) He claimed to be impressed by my skills, which suggests he may have been observing me for some time with out my knowledge, and offered me a substantial sum of money to complete what he claimed to be a simple task. (Although I suspected he simply wanted a pawn, which I feel has been sufficiently confirmed at this point)

The task was ‘simply’ to go with a group of ‘adventurers’ into a recently uncovered tomb not far out into the ocean. My initial inclination was to refuse, as my skills do not lend themselves well to desert life, but when he mentioned that one of the Blowers would be joining us, I figured the opportunity to witness a tragic accident might be worth the risk.

Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to the other suckers in this fool’s errand; Lady Shay, of the Blowers; Naivara, an eladrin emissary, and Vasher, the Shadar-ki who assisted with the elimination of our captured informant. We departed within the hour.

Strangely, there was a local hermit waiting for us by the aforementioned tower; a strange fellow by the name Kraus. I believe he sells rare beetles in the market. It’s a little unclear exactly why he joined us; I think maybe he just wanted to get us out of ‘his’ territory faster. We were also forewarned about some undead in the tower, apparently Stone’s previous set of fools.

Eventually, we entered the tower, to discover an extensive old library of tomes (I was unable to aquire one for further examination), and unusual religious murals on the floor, which we believed to depict several of the Smith’s ascended mortals. Further investigation yielded an encounter with several undead, and a pair of over-endowed beetles. The ensuing battle did not go well, as it seems that this was the first time most of my fellow bait had seem combat; although the fellow Kraus performed with alacrity. I did, however, manage to pull them through without too much trauma.

The skeletons it seems were guarding a door to a vault/tomb, and much to our surprise, the door was capable of speech. Oddly, it seemed an amiable sort, I suppose, for a door, and we were able to convince it to allow us to pass, although we were warned not to despoil the room.

And it appears that the room was possibly the tomb of one of the very beings that ascended to godhood. And apparently his corpse was in possession of an item that Lady Shay appeared eager to possess (and which must be the item Mr. Stone tasked us to find), whereas the others thought it should be left alone.

Now, seeing a disagreement about to develop, I stepped aside, and watched for an opportunity. However, events played out more beautifully than I could have hoped; Lady Shay got her hands on said item, and proceeded to try to disable the others in the group, myself included. (A sleep spell, I think it may have been) What she didn’t anticipate, it seems, was Mr. Kraus’ temper. He promptly struck her down with the unusual blade he carries.

However, our actions did not go without consequence, and like in the traditional stories, we were forced to flee the tomb, post haste. Both the body of Lady Shay, and the item were secured. Although Mr. Vasher appears to have formed an unusually swift bond with the item. He will require watching for unusual behaviors.

- G. S.


revlemming Phyrrus

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