Oceans of Gold

Eladrin, Can't live with em'

“You’re a horrible bitch and we won’t miss you at all.”

Whoa Nightblood says in shocked response to Princess Naivara’s unexpected send off speech for the dead lady shay. The princess then unceremoniously dumped the body off of the side of the ship.
“Well aren’t we all full of surprises.” Vasher whispers, more to himself than anyone in particular.

The rest of the party all stared at the princess in shocked silence for a moment longer before continuing their tasks, perhaps pretending they hadn’t just witnessed such brutal coldness from someone who had before seemed perfectly pleasant.

There were now five of them in total

Krause the Goliath. He was massive compared to the rest of the party but a small example of his race. He had mentioned meeting the princess before. Vasher was simply happy that Kraus seemed to have taken it upon himself to protect the princess, leaving Vasher more time for his own devices.

Garret was the Halfling who had sold Vasher the two keys he needed to break into New Creations dungeons a few days before. Vasher had put a great deal of faith in the Halfling. If the keys were not legitimate, Vasher would likely have been executed and buried in sand by now. But the worldsmith provided and Garret was true to his word. As for his motives however Vasher wasn’t too certain except that, fun, seemed to be rather high up on the list.

There was the newest arrival to the party, a shifter-woman calling herself Thorn. Vasher knew absolutely nothing about her other than she seemed to hold her sword with a practiced ease.

And then there was Princess Naivara Lightshield. Vasher had earlier received a vision from the Worldsmith when he had first seen her. At first he had thought it was to protect the princess but now he suspected there was more to it than that. If their newly acquired artefact was any proof, Vasher believed the Worldsmith had plans for them all.

I wanna do it again! Nightblood says, breaking into Vashers thoughts
“Do what?” Vasher mutters to the dagger hidden beneath his shirt.
the game, it was so much fun. And did you see that scythe!Nightblood says, seeming like a child unable to contain itself.
“Um yeah I saw it.” Vasher responded knowing what was coming.
and? Nighblood asks.
“and I was a little preoccupied” Vasher snaps, losing patients with his unseen companion.
I want one. Nightblood says it’s tone petulant.

Down in the grotto below the city of New Creation Vasher and the other members of his party waited on Garret and his boss Kassadin to finish speaking behind closed doors. The rest of the party made small talk amongst themselves, while the woman Thorn was busy losing what small amount of gold she had at one of the nearby tables.

Sitting off to the side with his back to the wall Vasher was content to sit in silence. Nightblood had remained markedly quiet after their earlier conversation, and Vasher was perfectly fine with that.
Kassadin, I remember the bards telling tales of his exploits back home. Impressive for a human. And I suppose the laws that he created here could come in handy if mister Stone were to give us any trouble before we leave.

Soon the party was ready to leave, and after a minor set back procuring a boat they were off.

Vasher had had to admit to himself that the towering spires of the city of Zaun were truly a sight to behold. And even though the general feeling of the fey wild being so close was disconcerting, Vasher had no choice but to admit, even if only to himself. That this was in fact a very beautiful open city. It was not comfortable to him, having grown up in the crowded half subterranean city of Noxus. But he could see the appeal to others for living here, if it wasn’t for all the Eladrin that is.

There was going to be a feast soon, the king was holding it in honour of his daughters safe return and her new companions who protected her. Vasher was not yet sure if he was going to join or not.

You know, I think I’m an Eladrin. Nighblood says. Several days ago Vashers dagger had shattered leaving the spirit bodiless for a time. Vasher had been wondering when his companion was going to show up, and now that he had, Vasher was wondering how long he could hold out talking to it.

If the princesses are looking for a suitor you should try Vasher. Nightblood says, You are a noble after all and with me to teach you how Eladrin are supposed to act in polite society you’re a shoe in.
Even though Nightblood could not speak to Vasher for the days during his relocation, it could still see what was going on around Vasher and what was being said. It just wasn’t strong enough to communicate.

Vasher didn’t respond to Nightblood, instead he saw princess Niavara walking down a hall accompanied by a couple of Eladrin guards. Quickening his pace to catch up to her he soon caught up.

“Hey Princess.” Vasher says interrupting Naivara as she was quietly speaking to her guards in her native tongue. Though not uncomfortable around the princess anymore Vasher could see that her guards were annoyed by his rude interruption. “I’ll make this quick so you can get back to, well whatever it is you Eladrin do, poetry or something. I just need to remind you that the WorldSmith did give me a vision when I met you. I’m just saying this because I don’t think any of us should get too comfortable here, we’ll probably be leaving soon anyways.”

“I see.” Niavara responded, looking down her nose at him. “And what was this vision of me you saw?”

“It wasn’t a vision of you, just a vision of the WorldSmiths symbol when I saw you. I consider it a mark of destiny.” Vasher replies “I suppose I didn’t have to bother reminding you. You just seem to be settling back into your role as princess awful fast and I think we have bigger problems to worry about than what dress you plan to wear tonight.”

A sleight hint of red touches the princess’s cheeks at Vashers remark. Her guards choke down responses as she raises her hand to silence them.
“Vasher was it?” She asks her tone imperious “I will be sure to relay your counsel to my sister when I see her next. In the meantime allow me to bequeath some words of wisdom onto you. What the WorldSmith may or may not have planned for my sister or any of you is of little consequence right now. You have this time to eat and rest to your hearts content, which may very well be what the WorldSmith intends. But if you think for a moment that what dress a woman will wear to the feast is unimportant. Then you are a fool. Good day Vasher.” She says as she and her guards pass him and continue down the hall.

You should have said thank you. Nighblood states matter of factly.


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