Oceans of Gold

An excerpt

And excerpt from the Diary of Princess Naivara Lightshield dated 23th walk of her 122 year

Dearest Journal,
Saff’s report to me is cause for concern, it appears that some Shatter Kai that I can only imagine as Stone has been speaking with Arioch. Though I have no proof and it seems that none of the guards have managed to see another Shatter Kai around the castle I must accept that he is here, but for what purpose and what he could possibly want with someone like Arioch I cannot fathom.

Another cause for concern, my new companions do no seem to be getting along well here in Zaun, it appears that some recent tragedy may be blamed on them. As outsiders I did expect there to be some discomfort but I did not expect them to be sent out into the near fey wilde on a mission by my own guards. Thankfully both Vasher and Kraus seem to have made it back behind the walls before full nightfall.

Thorn and I myself today came upon some interesting information today while shopping. Thorn attempted to help one of the merchants find a lost belonging fallen into the sewers of all things, but because she did we managed to find a strange laboratory. Though I have not seen it, I couldn’t possibly have been expected to tramp around the sewers, Arioch’s magic is all about the items she retrieved from it. Though I can no possibly imagine why, Arioch seems to be preparing some kind of necromatic ritual or spell. It seems incomplete but I cannot know what is missing, though I have posed the question to my own teacher answers have yet to be reached. I have warned my father of Arioch’s work but he is reluctant to jail his Vizier without strong evidence of wrong doing, I am concerned of what is afoot, the guards have been dispatched to find Arioch and watch him for the duration of fathers welcoming banquet, which at least is a positive thing in all of this.

Hopefully my fathers banquet will be enough to put our peoples mind at ease with all the visitors we currently have here in Zaun, my companions have been invited to preform for my father. One of the nobles has even promised a reward to any that can make my father smile. Rare though it is I do hope that one of them can manage it, my father is in sore need of happiness. Now I must leave off to prepare for the banquet, night has nearly fallen. Though I can no shake the ominous feeling that this nightfall will found something we did not expect.

Princess Naivara Lightshield
Nightfall on the 23rd walk of my 122 year.


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