The Worldsmith has crafted a world full of adversity, full of turmoil, full of conflict. He has not done this to be cruel, but because we are impure beings. Just as a smith must burn away the impurities of ore before he can work it, so does the Worldsmith burn away the impurities of our souls. The metal does not enjoy the furnace, it does not love the fire. But during it’s time in the crucible it is strengthened and refined. This world is our forge, and it is the adversity the Worldsmith sets before us that will make us stronger, that will forge us into more pure beings.

Oceans of Gold is a 4e DnD game. The world of Amaranthia and the goals of the inhabitants may seem insignificant at first, with simple survival being a day-to-day struggle for the PCs. As time goes on, however, the heroes will find themselves becoming the movers and shakers of the world as they discover the existence of the God Fragments. What will originally seem like a low-powered game has the potential to take the heroes into Epic level and beyond.

Races of Amaranthia, in order of population:

A list of changes can be found here and is definitely worth reading for anyone planning on setting foot outside the walls of New Creation.

The current cast of Heroes and NPCS is updated after each game session.

Character creation will be done with the standard point buy method, and characters will begin play at level 1.

Available Classes, Builds and Options:
The Assassin class from Dragon #379 is unavailable, as well as the Swordsage class since we lack the book.
I’m not going to enforce the group adhering to the standard party roles, but for those who are interested, most groups have a Defender, a Leader, and a Striker. With more than three people, doubling up on Strikers or getting a Controller is a good idea. That said, whether or not you guys have any party cohesion, strategy or teamwork is up to you.

Oceans of Gold

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